Friday, May 3, 2013

Seulong’s dog leaves a special present for photographers at ‘Beaker’ event

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Seulong had a once-in-a-lifetime experience during a photo op.

On May 3, the opening event was held for Beaker Pets‘ new flagship store in Seoul Cheongdamdong. Seulong was in attendance and stood in front of the step and repeat wall for a photo op with his adopted dog, Tank. Many dogs were present as there were various events held in the evening that involved adopted dogs who found new homes from animal shelters. While Seulong was busy presenting photographers with a smile, his dog had his own ‘special gift’ for the photographers!

Seulong realized his dog was taking a bathroom break right in front of all the cameras at the photo wall. He couldn’t help but burst out into laughter when he found out what was happening, but was all hugs and smiles for his beloved dog anyway.

After the event, Seulong tweeted, “My Tank must not even be nervous…. He pooped… keke“, andFinishing up with his purple tongue… keke“.

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