Thursday, July 11, 2013

SISTAR, "Diet? We Can't Sing Without Food"

k-pop music gayo SISTAR,

On July 4, girl group SISTAR was interviewed after their performance Mnet "M! Countdown."

For a late lunch and an early dinner during the interview, SISTAR members visited a Korean restaurant. The members showed frank and genuine sides as they talked freely about topics that crossed their minds and as they scooped big spoonfuls of food from their bowls. This genuinity is something not easily shown in girl groups, but was possible because it was SISTAR.

Dasom said, "To show a healthy image, we just have to eat. We can't sing without food. We do get something called 'camera massage,' so we don't gain as much weight as we used to." Soyoo said, "We don't gain weight, but we don't lose either."

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In the midst of the countless number of girl groups, the group that catches most attention as the 'sexy group' is SISTAR. They have been gaining much love for their musical skills that top over others along with the 'healthy image' they show through their healthy bodies.

Photo Credit: SISTAR