Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Brown Eyed Girls Have The 'Recipe' For Your Summer Party, Band's New Single Is A Bumping 70s Throwback [AUDIO]

k-pop music gayo Review: Brown Eyed Girls Have The 'Recipe' For Your Summer Party, Band's New Single Is A Bumping 70s Throwback [AUDIO]

Call it the Summer of Nile Rodgers.

Not only is he all over Daft Punk's new dance floor masterpiece, "Random Access Memories," but Rodgers's percussive, octave-driven guitar sound, so indicative of the best of the 1970s disco movement, is popping up all over the place, including in K-pop.

In an international pop landscape where guitar seemed to be steadily fading into the background, Rodgers has brought it back, with a vengeance.

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One example of the kind of throwback 1970s disco guitar playing the producer and Chic co-founder is known for, used to excellent effect in modern times (without him even playing on it) is the new single "Recipe" by South Korean R&B group Brown Eyes Girls.

Best known to many in the west as the band behind the "Abracadabra" dance that Psy used in his "Gentleman" video. Band member Ga was in the video.

But as any fan knows, Brown Eyed Girls are worth a look. Their music is deeper and funkier than that of your average K-pop girl group.

Both the rapping and singing on "Recipe" is delivered with the laidback confidence the group is known for. The rapping in the song is a highlight.

And although the singing does have a bit of a Mariah Carey sound at parts (the octave doubling of the lead vocal really dials in that sound), it more resembles the chiller "Heartbreaker" Mariah Carey and less the over-the-top "Hero" balladeer Mariah Carey.

Another appealing quality of the track vocally, is the creative use of comical English phrases like "make it hot and sexy, just sweet and spicy."

The use of the two languages in a way that makes sense is a nice change of pace in a genre where English is often awkwardly inserted into songs with varying success.

The beat is unstoppable, and although the bassline could have been a bit more daring and present, the overall mix of the song has an excellent body and that unquantifiable party-starting quality.

And the most appealing quality of "Recipe," other than the fatback drum sound the producer achieved, is the overall sound of the synths.

From the background layers, to the nasty modular-sounding flourishes, the synthesizers are really what channel the funk on "Recipe."

Which is not to underplay the value of the girls.

In a K-pop landscape dominated by idols grasping for international fame by singing the flashiest or the loudest, Brown Eyed Girls seem satisfied to layback in the cut and deliver something that listeners of all ages can enjoy.

Check out the new single for the Brown Eyed Girls song "Recipe" RIGHT HERE