Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gary Transforms into an MC for “Running Man”

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On the most recent episode of “Running Man” (Which aired on June 9) Gary piggybacked Park So Hyun in a water bowl race and won first place. Afterwards, the production team of “Running Man” asked Gary to take over as MC.

Although Gary was caught by surprise he stated, “I will try to begin MCing. Everyone please put on your water bowls.”

Gary continued to MC the show with his unique style of speaking and asked strange questions to the other members. The “Running Man” members complemented him stating, “Gary is good at being an MC.”

Netizens that watched the show stated, “Gary the MC is very cute,” “Gary is even good at being an MC, there is nothing he can’t do,” and “The new type of MCing by MC Gary was so funny.”


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