Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rainbow’s Jaekyung Shares Thoughts on Marriage

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Rainbow‘s Jaekyung shared her thoughts on marriage, earning her the status of being a “thoughtful-dol.”

Jaekyung appeared on “The Family’s Dignity – Full House,” and said, “As I am getting older, I am thinking about marriage more seriously.”

She shared her feelings about marriage by saying, “I worry these days about how long my parents will be able to work. I think it is bad to ask your parents for your wedding costs.”

MC Lee Kyung Kyu commented, “The younger you are, the more you don’t know about reality. Don’t you think love is the most important thing in a marriage?” Then Jaekyung answered, “No. Marriage is reality.”

Seeing how mature Jaekyung is, actor Park Joon Kyu, who was also a guest, commented, “Are you okay with younger guys?” as he suggested his own son to her. Singer Hyun Mi also commented, “After seeing her today, I think she is quite a good idol.”

Jaekyung’s thoughts on marriage during this episode of “Full House” will air on June 7.

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