Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk Almost Debuted as a Singer

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Rising star Choi Jin Hyuk of “Gu Family Book” was the guest of the June 25 broadcast of Park Kyung Lim’s MBC FM4U radio show, “This is Park Kyung Lim of 2o’clock Date.”

On this day, Choi Jin Hyuk revealed, “I knew Park Kyung Lim since a long time ago.” He expressed his happiness to be on her radio show saying, “I waited for this day to come. I’m choking up because it happened today. I am honored and grateful.”

Park Kyung Lim explained how she and Choi Jin Hyuk knew each other. “Nine years ago, we were in the same company. At that time, Choi Jin Hyuk was preparing to be a singer. I think [I] told him that [he] should sing as a hobby. It’s good [I] said that then.” Park Kyung Lim joked about how if she didn’t say that to him then, fans would not have been able to see Choi Jin Hyuk grace the screen as an actor.

“Gu Family Book” recently released a Choi Jin Hyuk version of “Best Wishes to You” that surprised many fans with the actor’s vocal talent. You can watch a Loen Entertainment interview about the song with the actor here.

Choi Jin Hyuk Park Kyung Lim

Source: TV Report

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