Thursday, June 20, 2013

G-Dragon Falls in Love with Gaho’s Doppelganger!

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G-Dragon just could not take his eyes off of his pet Gaho‘s doppelganger!

On June 17, sources shared that G-Dragon had a great time filming for an advertisement with a Chinese Sharpei named Laceau. Due to his busy overseas schedule, G-Dragon was not able to spend much quality time with Gaho so it is reported that he loved spending time with Laceau.

The seven-month old puppy Laceau was brought from New York, specially for this advertisement with G-Dragon. G-Dragon stuck by Laceau all throughout the filming. He played with the puppy and said, “Laceau’s eyes look sleepy,” then pulled back the wrinkles on its head and said, “But he’s not sleepy when he’s filming!”

G-Dragon was so captivated byLaceau, he even said, “I think I’m being brainwashed by Laceau right now.”

This advertisement with Laceau and G-Dragon was revealed on June 10 through YouTube. Check it out!

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