Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lady Jane Explains Break Up with Simon D Was Not Because of E-Sens

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Lady Jane recently explained that her breakup with long-time boyfriend Simon D was not because of his fellow Supreme Team member, E-Sens.

On June 17, Lady Jane’s reps spoke with and said, “There is an article that states that one of the reasons why Lady Jane and Simon D broke up was E-Sens,” and “At first, we ignored it but since articles kept being published, we thought we should set things straight.”

They continued, “The reason for their breakup is not E-Sens and is purely because of personal matters only between the two,” and “We are very sorry toward E-Sens since articles keep making it seem like they broke up because of him. We hope no one gets hurt because of this. Once again, they did not break up because of E-Sens.”

The reps continued, “Although they’re broken up, they’re still on good terms. They spoke to each other even after articles were published. They are both colleagues in the music industry and have remained as friends.”

Previously, a certain news outlet reported that Simon D felt responsible for not caring after his E-Sens during his marijuana scandal and due to focusing on Supreme Team, he was not able to focus on his girlfriend, which led to a break up.

Currently, the two exes are focusing on each of their music careers. Lady Jane is appearing on various broadcasts and working on her album. Simon D is also working on his album as well.

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