Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Takers Releases Humorous Music Videos for “Poison” and “Honey”

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R&B duo Takers released two humorous music videos through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

Poison” and “Honey” are tracks from the duo’s first mini album, “Ourself.” Both songs are smooth jazzy numbers that highlights Takers’ easy to listen to vocals. Both music videos take place on a set that fits with 70s era Korea. In “Poison,” Pink and CoE are shown as musicians who are popular with the local crowd, particularly the lady killer Pink (who looks like Charlie Chaplin with his hat). Pink is then transported to the future where he is held captive by a young girl who forces him to dance for her amusement. The music video for “Honey” shows some behind the scenes footage and some bonus scenes, including one scene where Pink calls his girlfriend while on the toilet.

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